Rolling tool cart

I work out of our garage and I needed a handy tool shelf on wheels.

While browsing YouTube for ideas I saw a video by someone who wanted to make something similar to what I wanted and found something in a car breaker’s yard. It had come from a smashed up contractor’s van and he paid US$50.00 for it. I redirected my search but even second-hand these things were A$200.00 or more in my area and I was not prepared to spend that much, but…now I had the idea ( )

A couple of days later I saw two small pallets I had obtained, meaning to use the wood. I immediately started to visualise how I might use these to create my mobile tool shelf.

After removing two slats from each of the pallets I cut twelve spacers from other pallet scrap. I then arranged the two pallets with the bottoms facing inwards and screwed them together using the spacers to create a gap of 250 mm between the insides of the planks. Frame complete!

The bottom of the unit was created using the previously removed slats and to that was screwed two battens with castors on them.

The next step was creating the shelves from planks that came from previously dismantled pallets.





My rolling tool shelf holds many of the small tools that I use most often. I don’t have to go to several places for these tools and it also enables me to keep my main working surface clear of MOST of the clutter that would otherwise land up on top of my bench.

I am well pleased with my creation and the photos show the basic process and – right – the finished product. Being on wheels I will be able to move it out of the way when I need to clear the garage.