Cupboard Storage Conversion

This is a job I did a few months ago. I wrote about on my Erik The Ready FaceBook page but I felt it deserved to be on this site too.

This kitchen cupboard was like a low, deep cave and getting into it was difficult. Things at the back became forgotten and one could not use the full depth. Now, with big box drawers behind the doors one can effectively store more – and GET AT it.

It can be argued that some space was sacrificed but that space was wasted anyway because of the difficulty of accessing it. Effectively, more can now be stored in the same space because everything that is stored can be seen simply by pulling open the drawers.

In picture one can be seen a view of the island counter (bench) in the kitchen area with the cupboards closed and hiding what is behind them.

Picture two shows a view of the inside of the cupboard and the jumble of things on the shelves. Notice how deep and low the cupboard is and how awkward it would be to neatly store and access things ESPECIALLY towards the rear of the space. As a result things are forgotten (effectively lost) in the depths of the space.

In pictures three and four one can see views of the box drawers after they had been made and installed on slides in the cupboard space. The top drawer is filled with frequent-use items while the bottom drawer contains things that are used less often but are easily found in this spacious drawer. Note that in this view the drawer handles have not yet been fitted and the screw holes can be seen in the front of the drawers.

Picture five is another view of the drawers partly closed without the handles.

In picture six there is a view of both drawers closed, handles fitted showing that the screw holes have been neatly filled and smoothed.

The final picture, number seven, is the AFTER picture – to be contrasted with the first picture. Note that the original appearance of the counter and cupboards has not been compromised.

Concept, build and installation by Erik The Ready!