Recipe – perfect burger patty

Here is a NO FAIL recipe for a delicious beef patty- the heart of a good hamburger. (I am told this is a RISSOLE and not a burger patty – this is my version of a burger though)

  • 600g to 1kg good beef mince
  • One medium-to-large onion grated (grated is best and let the onion juice get into the mix [fine chopping is OK but not really as good])
  • Half-to-one teaspoon of mixed herbs (start conservatively [½ tsp] and use more once you know how you like it)
  • Large pinch or two of salt (again, you will learn what you like)
  • Pepper to taste (I use normal white table pepper for the best flavour – just a couple of pinches)

Place mince and onion in a large bowl and mix well – keep seasoning in a saucer or eggcup for the moment.

  • tip – use a fork to mix because you want the flavours to be spread throughout and hand mixing can clump the mince and trap seasoning
  • tip – after starting to mix the mince and onions sprinkle the seasoning over the mix to get a more even flavour distribution

Sometimes, (especially if using very lean mince) the addition of a raw egg in the mix will help it to bind and not change the taste at all.
A final hand mix is ok but not for too long. 
Now the patties can be rolled and shaped between the hands and made ready for cooking. You would have to judge size but try to keep them as evenly sized as possible.

I usually fry batches in a covered pan in a little vegetable oil but they can be cooked on an open-flame griddle, in the oven or whichever method you prefer but take care that they are cooked through but NOT dried out. If you dry them out the texture of your burger will not be great!

In my family we use these patties (we call them frikkadels) not only for hamburgers but as main course meat with potatoes (mashed or boiled) and vegetables, with eggs and chips and, if you make them really small, you can do a great spaghetti and meatballs – wait for another simple recipe… 

Now, back to building that burger – assuming you have a few buns. Lightly toasting is optional as is a smear of butter on the bun but build your burger as I described and judge for yourself. If you love salads have them as a side dish don’t try to make the burger the salad carrier, please!

Acceptable variants for me are a lettuce leaf (PATTED DRY, PLEASE) a few slices of pickle, a slice or two of cheese.

Above all have a bite of the basic burger BEFORE you start adding sauces and extras and disguising the taste.

I often do not have buns at home but a couple of slices of bread will do the trick…